What’s in a Name? Introducing: Belle Communications!

Working with specialty food brands, startups and brands that want creative, results-driven public relations, social media and content marketing.

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In my journey as a new business owner, I’ve come to realize that sometimes, things don’t move as quickly as you like and other times, things move so fast you can barely keep up. Since leaving the nest and setting out on my own back in January, I have experienced a whirlwind of amazing things. New clients, new friendships and LOTS of new lessons have evolved at a seemingly speed-of-light pace.

It’s been fantastic and I’m SO thankful. However … I did have one thing that wasn’t quite moving as fast as I wanted and it was always eating at me: my business name. No matter how hard I thought, brainstormed, asked others and reworked ideas … no name. When I started back in January, there wasn’t any time to waste on name indecision. So, I moved forward under my name: Kate Finley Integrated Marketing Communications.

If you saw it, you may have just assumed that was the name I was using when really I just hadn’t quite figured that part out yet. Although that temporary name helped get my name out there, I now have a team so keeping things under my name didn’t really resonate with me. So, I tried variations and different names all together but nothing stuck. So, I waited and I kept trying.

Unfortunately, there are a great many things attached to a business name like branding, marketing and the whole legal side of things. I was beginning to feel like I’d never think of my business name. I wanted a name that carried depth, heritage, the future while at the same time communicating what I do — was I asking too much? Finally, my vision cleared and a name bubbled to the surface: Belle Communications. That was it!

ThinkBelle.com Logo

Belle is my middle name. Belle means thing of beauty or beautiful, which is exactly how I feel about what I do. My team and I collaborate with brands that are just starting out and brands that need a fresh perspective to orchestrate communication strategies that create beautiful branding, relationships and success. We hear it from our clients … what we do adds beauty to their brands, reputations and overall success.

Belle represents my past, present and future and it is the legacy I will leave within this journey. So, my friends and colleagues, please welcome Belle Communications to your network, endeavors and future. If you’d like to discuss working together, email me.

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Want to know more about what to expect from Belle? Try this on for size …

We work with specialty food brands, startups and brands that want creative, results-driven marketing approaches. We provide strategic public relations, social media and content marketing that grows awareness and the bottom-line. We regularly collaborate with traditional and social media influencers to catapult brands to top-of-mind awareness and ignite brand ambassadors.

Note: Whether this your first time here or you’ve been along for this wild ride so far, thank you for  being a part of my journey. So many of you have given of your valuable time, opinions and expertise to help me grow this business. I’m so grateful.

Now, buckle up because things are only going to get better from here.

~ Kate

Kate Finley

Founder + CEO of Belle
Currently thriving in Puerto Rico