Belle’s Story: As Told by Our Founder

The Cliff's Notes so far


Belle Communication was founded in 2013 by a millennial with big dreams but not a lot of business experience. The vision was to have my cake and eat it too by empowering meaningful work while maintaining thriving relationships. This was unheard of in an industry consistently ranked as one of the most stressful in the US.

It was a work-life integration experiment based on a remote, work-from-anywhere model with benefits like unlimited vacation and flex schedules. It was bootstrapped and built without formal sales or business training.

Crazy? Perhaps. It’s also turned out to be a model that’s quite successful for our team. We’ve achieved many milestones in the last seven years. We’re a multi-state team that has partnered with more than 75 brands from Nestle to Le Meridien, winning shelves of awards as a top ranked PR firm and progressive organization. Heck, we even helped bring Jolt Cola back.

Most importantly, we’re building an agency that goes against the grain of burnout that runs rampant in the public relations industry. We’re helping to elevate the standard of communication and excellence with the expectation that PR is possible to measure, and awareness isn’t the only metric. It’s a disservice to our industry to settle for press releases, templates and lack of follow through.

We have a team that continually raises the bar for our clients and our agency. Some of my proudest moments have been as part of this brilliant team. Belle is made up of incredibly smart, capable and creative individuals who invest their time, talent and heart into the work they do each day. I’m continually inspired by our team and am humbled by the clients who have and continue to partner with us.

It’s good to stop and soak in how far we’ve come. Those are the Cliff’s Notes of Belle’s story so far. Thank you for being a part of the journey.

With gratitude,

Kate Finley

Founder + CEO of Belle
Currently thriving in Puerto Rico